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Colonic Hydrotherapy
Removal of accumulated toxins and waste products from the colon, eliminating blockages, and providing relief.

• Improved digestion
• Reduced bloating
• Destroys constipation
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Coffee Enema
100% organically produced medical-grade coffee aids removal of parasites and heavy metals in the digestive system.

• Increase your antioxidant capability.
• Reduce inflammation
• Supercharge the liver
• Increases energy and clarity.
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Ozone Therapy
Immune-boosting O3 Oxygen to bring numerous benefits such as;

• Increased immune response.
• Anti-mold
• Antibacterial
• Antimicrobial
• Anti-parasitic
• Boosts mitochondrial output.
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customer testimonial

"I suffered with my colon for years.
now I feel less bloated and full of energy."

What our lovely clients say about us

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Kay Brady

"My blood pressure has never been perfect but a few days after Colonics & Ozone therapy I was at the nurse to check my blood pressure it was perfect."


"I’ve just had my last colonic and can’t believe the difference I’m my stomach area. My stomach is much flatter and I weigh 2lbs lighter."

Jo Mc

"Twice I was admitted to A&E with zero improvement and sent home in agony.
Allison treated me same day and within HOURS I saw progress. Thank you Allison"

Aimee Ormesher

"Allison played a huge role in my recovery from an autoimmune disease and made me feel so comfortable from the moment I entered the clinic!"

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Colonic Only
Colonic & Ozone Therapy
Colonic & Enema
Enema & Ozone
Premier Detox - Colonic, Ozone, Enema
Premier Detox x3
Colonic x3
Colonic x6
Colonic & Enema x3
Colonic & Ozone x3


Is the treatment uncomfortable?
A treatment shouldn't cause discomfort. A skilled therapist will be alert to any discomfort and can use various methods to put you at ease.
Clients often remark how they found it to be incredibly gentle and comments have ranged from “pleasant” to “cathartic”.
What should I do to prepare?
Very simply if you could refrain from eating around 2 hours prior to your treatment, this helps the process go smoothly.
I have IBS, will this help?
Colon hydrotherapy can help alleviate some of the symptoms of IBS, however, this can often only be a temporary measure. We will always give the most current, research based information on nutrition to clients affected by IBS.
Will a colonic help me lose weight?
Any weight loss from a colonic is purely temporary. During a treatment up to several pounds of matter can be removed but as the colon is an organ of continuous use it is only natural that this effect will last for a few days.

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